Monday, August 20, 2007

Shiva Temple Construction

As mentioned previously a Shiva temple construction has been undertaken in the village to provide shelter to the Shiva lingam which is rumoured to be of 17th century. The original temple is supposed to have been destroyed by the Arcot Nawabs during their reign.

Since then the lingam was left open to the sky. Various reasons

are attibuted to why it is so (including some bizarre ones .. :) )

But currently with an combined effort from the village residents and our family, construction of a temple has begun which would house this lingam.

Attached below are few more snaps which would show more on the construction activities.

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Nallur Village

The huge banyan tree(believed to be more than 200 years old) serves as the backdrop to the main street of Nallur. (Shown beside is the view of the tree from end of the street).

The area of the village is close to 2 sq Km with a population of around 2000. The main occupation of the current population is agriculture.

I am part of the family which descended from Venkatesa Iyer who lived during 1912-1975 with brothers Ramachandra Iyer & Somasundera Iyer. All of our family is out of Nallur now and settled in various locations in India and abroad.

Shown besides is the Ganesha temple which was built by our family in the village. Currently there is an Shiva temple which is being constructed, about which I would be posting more information in this blog. Any other descendants from this village are welcome to post their comments here.


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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hi All, I have started this blog in an effort to create a platform for all the descendants from the village of "Nallur" near historic town of "Kalavai". Placed around 20 Km from Vellore, this town has served as residence for quite a few illustrious personalities.

More recently construction of a "Shiva" temple is being undertaken in the village of "Nallur". For people who are familiar with this village, the temple is being constructed beside the government school in the village. This location had an old "Shiva" lingam believed to be centuries old lying without cover for reasons unknown. There have been quite a few tales which are still exchanged regarding particular lingam.

Now effort is undeway to put a temple at this location and give shelter to the lingam. I will be posting information regarding this village/temple construction. Please feel free to post your comments, suggestions, feedback here.

Regards, Venkatesh.

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